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Material Testing Laboratory

Accredited material testing laboratory, Testing for plastic industry- flammability, mechanical properties and accelerated aging tests of automotive and other engineering components, Study of plastics, rubber and coatings
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Material Testing Laboratory

Material Testing Laboratory tests and methods


Environmental tests

  • Climate test (VW PV 2005, VW PV 1200)
  • Corrosion resistance. Salt spray (MSZ EN ISO 9227)
  • Xenon lamp/light aging (VW PV 3929, VW PV 3930)

Flammability tests

  • Flammability Test (UL 94, VW TL 1010)
  • Ash content (MSZ EN ISO 3451-1)

Analytical tests

  • Transitional temperature, enthalpy determination (DSC) (MSZ EN ISO 11357-1, MSZ EN ISO 11357-2, MSZ EN ISO 11357-3, MSZ EN ISO 11357-6)
  • Thermogravimetry (TGA) (MSZ EN ISO 11358-1)
  • Heat-deflection temperaure determination (HDT) (MSZ EN ISO 75-1, MSZ EN ISO 75-2: 2013)
  • Softening temperature (Vicat) determination (MSZ EN ISO 306)
  • Melt flow rate determination (MSZ EN ISO 1133-1)
  • Intrinsic viscosity measurement for PET (MSZ EN ISO 1628-5, ASTM D4603)
  • Water absorption determination
  • Colorimetry

Mechanical tests

  • Flexural test (MSZ EN ISO 178)
  • Tensile test (MSZ EN ISO 527-1, EN ISO 527-2, MSZ EN ISO 527-3)
  • Testing of impact resistance (Charpy and Izod) (MSZ EN ISO 179-1, MSZ EN ISO 180)

What does an accredited Material Testing Laboratory do?

We carry out tests for plastic manufacturers, car parts suppliers, car manufacturers and many other companies in the plastics industry in accordance with international standards and specific automotive industry tests. The aim of our Material Testing Laboratory is to carry out accredited quality test, which ensure the objectivity of the test results. We also pay great attention to the continuous development of our test methods in order to increase the reliability and performance of our methods.

Do you need fast results? Choose the Material Testing Laboratory of IMSYS!

We provide reliable and extremely fast results in our new, modern, accredited testing laboratory. Plastic raw materials are widely tested according to ISO and ASTM standards.

Applying the standards in our tests is a prerequisite for quality assurance for our customers.

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