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Unique softwares for environmental protection, occupational safety and chemical safety.
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Software development by experts

Our software development services


Software development for environmental protection

  • FAVI (Protection of groundwater)
  • FEVI (quality protection of surface water)
  • Waste management (hazardous and non-hazardous)
  • Register of Environmental Factors (Material balance management and analysis)
  • Damage control/ Remediation
  • Laboratory/ Measurement (Preparation and register of laboratory reports)
  • Air (Air quality protection)
  • SEVESO (IT support of quantitative risk assessment)
  • DOKU (Document Management and Review by ISO)

Software development for industrial safety

  • Process-oriented modelling of manufacturing technology
  • HAZOP analysis
  • BANYA (Preparation and register of safety data sheets)
  • Bödön (Register of tanks, storage locations and pipelines)
  • Göngyöleg (Register of packaging materials)
  • Module for the distribution of safety data sheets
  • Product fees
  • Geographical Information System
  • Registration and risk assessment of hazardous substances (REACH, CLP)

Software development for occupational safety (EHS softwares)

  • Accident modules (industrial accidents, near-accident records)
  • FEÜ (Occupational health and safety, Fire protection)
  • GBO (Machine safety, Equipment record, Risk assessment)
  • MUCI (Register of Occupational Safety Objectives and Programs)
  • Noise and vibration protection


  • IT support and monitoring of software systems
  • Integration with existing enterprise database
  • Continuous follow up of needs and contact with the customer

Why do our customers choose IMSYS’s unique professional softwares?

IMSYS’s entire expert background is at the service of software development. Beyond just to fulfil legal compliance, we integrate the entire knowledge base of the field during the development. This added value makes the IMSYS softwares flexible and unique. These are not just IT-based softwares, but are prepared in consultation with users and involving experts. Our softwares are mostly complex systems to support the operation of pharmaceutical manufactureres, chemical plants and hazardous plants.

Custom software development to suit your needs

IMSYS’s softwares are able to be linked to existing customer systems, the integration to various enterprise databases and systems is seamless. We have both intranet and client softwares that are modular and are fully built in Microsoft based development environment and run on Microsoft based systems.

The entire professional background of Imsys is in the service of the software development.

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“We have decades of experience in developing unique softwares. Our specialty is the development of flexible, customised applications.”





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