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Industrial safety department

Protection against serious accidents involving hazardous substances, Critical infrastructure protection, Chemical safety, ADR
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Industrial safety department

Our industrial safety services


Control of major-accident hazards involving dangerous substances

  • Establishment identification
  • Conduct authorisation processes
  • Preparation and revision of safety documents:
    • Serious Incident Response Plan,
    • Safety Analysis,
    • Safety Report,
    • Internal emergency plan
  • Serious Incident Response Plan and Internal emergency plan training and practice
  • Proposals for the introduction of risk reduction measures
  • Participation in authority consultations and inspections
  • Contact with the disaster management authority

Critical Infrastructure Protection

  • Preparation of identification report (risk assessment)
  • Preparation and review of Operator Security Plan (OSP)
  • Delegation of Security Liaison Officer
  • Participation in authority consultations and inspections
  • Contact with the disaster management authority

Chemical safety

  • Registration of hazardous substances
  • Preparation, review and translation of safety data sheets
  • REACH registration
  • CLP classification and labelling
  • Chemical risk assessment
  • Compliance with the requirements of carcinogenic substances

Consulting about the Transport of Dangerous Goods (ADR)

  • ADR consulting
  • ADR training
  • Delegation of safety consultant

Why is there need for our industrial safety experts?

Because we provide a full spectrum of services to our customers to comply with regulatory requirements. We assist our clients to fulfill their obligations from industrial safety consulting to contact with the authorities by using our consequence and risk calculating software and professional competence. Our company can be found on the list of Consultancy Companies published by the National Directorate for Disaster Management.

How does our work assist plants in the field of industrial safety?

Our references include mainly factories which use hazardous substances in high-volume (chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, metal industry), power plants, waterworks, wastewater treatment plants, logistics centers, plants using ammonia refrigeration systems (meat industry, food industry, cold stores), fertilizer and pesticide warehouses.

We identify vital system components and facilities, conduct risk analysis, prepare operation safety plans for the agricultural sector, energy sector, water management, health care, law enforcement, defense and finance sectors.

We also offer our services to customers in the field of chemical safety, whether it is the notification of hazardous substances, compliance with REACH and CLP regulations or advising on ADR.

Due to our complex back-end infrastructure eg. by the services of our own laboratories, we also help our customers to comply with other industrial safety standards, including work safety and fire protection.

Do you have any question?

“Our work is characterised by precision, expertise and strict adherence to deadlines whether it is documentation preparation, risk assessment, administration of authority issues or training and practice of defense plan.”



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