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Cryogenic sample preparation

We have a new service in the field of sample preparation.

The accreditated analytical laboratory of IMSYS Ltd. is able to prepare tempretarute sensitive and difficult sample matrices. The SPEX 6875 programmable cryogenic mill uses liquid nitrogen to grind the toughest sample material into a fine powder.

The impact chamber immersed in liquid nitrogen to cool samples to cryogenic temperatures, then pulverize them by magnetically shuttling a steel impactor back and forth against two stationary end plugs. Since the impact chamber is closed, the integrity of its contents is maintained, hazardous or crtitical samples are easily controlled, cleanup is simplified and cross sample contamination is eleminated.


  • Soil
  • Plastics
  • Waste (eg.: construction waste, electronical waste, plastic waste)
  • Componenst of electrical devices
  • Polimers
  • Textiles
  • Animal tissue
  • Plant tissue
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food
  • Hair
  • Teeth
  • Bones
  • Archeological samples

The impact chamber accomodates up 100 grams of sample so its sutiable for the following applications:

  • Pharmaceutical analysis
  • Platic and polimers analysis
  • Food analysis

The analytical laboratory of IMSYS Ltd in cooperation with the material testing laboratory is able to accomplish a wide range of sample preparation processes and analyses.

If you are intrested or have any question, please contact us.

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