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Environmental department

Preparation of Environmental Permitting Applications, Preparation of Preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment Documentation, Environmental Measurements and Tests, Environmental Consulting, trustee activities
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Environmental services

Our environmental services

Preparation of Environmental Permitting Applications

  • Preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment documentation
  • Preliminary consultation
  • Environmental Impact Assessment documentation (EIA)
  • Integrated Pollution Prevention Control (IPPC) permit application
  • Environmental revision
  • Waste management (pre-treatment, recovery, disposal, collection, transportation, brokerage, trade) permit application
  • Permit application for stationary air-polluting point sources
  • Metal Trade Permit Application
  • Permit application for site establishment

Environmental measurements and tests

  • Environmental noise measurement, reporting, delimitation of impact area
  • Air quality protection measurements (stationary air polluting point sources and workplace airspace)
  • Noise measurement (environmental and workplace)
  • Preparation of noise maps (IMMI 2017 software)
  • Modeling of air pollution spreading

Certification of greenhouse gas emissions

  • Preparation of GHG permit application
  • Accredited certification of CO2 emissions report
  • Certification of NER form

Preparation of environmental studies and documentation

  • Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)
  • Environmental revision
  • Preparation of regulations related to the application for a waste management permit (storage, on site collection area)
  • Environmental plan chapter of building permit application
  • Operational Damage Recovery Plan
  • Impact area delimitation (air quality protection; noise protection)
  • Other environmental studies

Environmental consultancy,trustee activities

  • Fulfilment of environmental trustee activities
  • Monitoring of changes in environmental legislation
  • Examining compliance with environmental legislation
  • Preparation of annual and quarterly environmental data reporting to comply with the regualtions
  • Establishing Environmental Management Systems, Consulting (ISO 14001)

What does our environmental expert services offer?

We have both the expert licenses (SZKV-1.1; SZKV-1.2; SZKV-1.3; SZKV-1.4 territorial privileges) and the professional competence that our customers need to achieve their goals effectively. Do you need environmental permits for your project, or is your company required to provide environmental data reporting? Do you need Preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment documentation for your new investment? You can count on us!

Why do our clients choose us as their environmental consultant?

Because we have more than 20 years of professional experience. Our employees all have the relevant expertise, skills and excellent knowledge of English to fulfil the needs of our current and future customers. We can also deliver complex and integrated services. Our customers can choose from seven of our business divisions to meet the needs of their projects within a single company as most projects usually require the integration of multiple knowledge areas.Therefore, whether the project requires the usage of our well-equipped test laboratories or our environmental softwares etc. our entire professional background is at your service.

Remarkable knowledge and expertise accumulated in our company, all of which is a key to our customers’ satisfaction.

Do you have any question?

„We prepare all types of permit applications in the field of environmental protection, measure environmental emissions, follow the changes of legal requirements and help our clients to navigate through the regulations and regulatory procedures.”

Zsuzsanna Minárovits, Head of Environmental and Industrial Safety Department



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